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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Template for a full page of photos

Below is the link to a new template!
In order to download it and keep the template "live," you need to choose Save, do NOT open when downloading.  You will save it to a special file for templates or your desktop, wherever you can easily find it.  Then go to SBC, open it and select "Import Page."  This is a 12x12 template and will need to be imported into a storybook in that size.  You can later shrink it to something with the same ratio such as an 8x8.
In order to use the template do the following;  if you want to insert one photo into the frames on the right side as I did, you will need to hold down your shift key while selecting each box on your element ribbon, (you will probably have to do a few at a time.)  Once they are highlighted go to the Arrange tab and select group.  You will then right click on it to flatten what is now one element.  You can then insert your photo, (note, you will not be able to adjust the photo and it fills from the top left, you may need to crop it to make it fit properly.)  I used the others as individual frames so simply select it and fill with your photo.  I made the background page of the template black, as you can see on the example I changed the color to match the photos if you want to do the same.
If you have any questions or just like the template, feel free to leave a comment.  Also, visit my web site at www.mycmsite.com/tammygillespie or my Facebook group, Tamela's Scrapbooking Divas.
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