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Monday, January 11, 2010

Template Share - Made for my "Be Mine Glitter Hearts page" - Almost a full page of photos

Below is a link for the template of a page I just created using the new LTD Edition Be Mine collection.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing it before it's gone!

Note:  These downloads have changed to a template only, I can no longer include Creative Memories content.  You  can use the enclosed photo and my instructions to make a page like this one, or use it anyway you wish to.  My apologies for any inconvience!
You will still find a link below for the template, all the work is done. You only need to click on each piece to highlight it and fill with the paper of your choice, then add your own embellishments!  To fill with paper, highlight it, go to your paper and click on "Fill Selected Shape."

To make the page I used the Insert tab and added a frame to the page.  I then unlocked the aspect ratio by right clicking, (you will see this option.)  After I had my small frame the size I wanted, I copied and pasted it, then under the Arrange tab I alligned them to the top edge to get them even.  I also used the "make evenly spaced horizontally" under the same tab.  I then grouped the four frames together (you will need to ungroup everything when you are done in order to insert photos.)   I then copied and pasted it to get the second row of small frames.  Next insert a new frame following the same directions to get your first large frame, then copy and paste it to get your second large frame, then allign EVERYTHING under the Arrange tab.  Also make everything you have "evenly spaced horizontally and vertically"  also under the Arrange tab.  I added my background, then cut out my mats using the shapes tool under Content.  For the glitter effect I used an idea I saw others using on FB CM Go Digi.  You go to the format tab after highlighting your element, then use the Film Grain filter as many times as needed to get the effect you want, (I adjusted the slider bar to the highest setting and still did it several times to complete the first one.)  I then copied and pasted it to get more!  The envelope with the hearts was an embellishment in the Be Mine collection, I did nothing to it except adjust the size.  For the birds, I copied and pasted after adding the "glitter."  I then went to the Arrange tab and under the Rotate section reversed it horizontally, the bottom right selection.  This makes one of them face the other direction as you will see on the page and is a useful tool!
When you download this page in order for it to remain a live template, you will need to put it in a special file by itself, or on your desktop where you can easily find it.  Do NOT try to open it when you download it, just save it as is to a file, or as I stated to your desktop.  You will then open SBC and choose Import Page.  This is a 12x12 template and will only fit into that size storybook, although it can be shrunk to something with the same aspect ratio such as an 8x8, but you will need to start with a 12x12 page.
You may need to scoot it down a tiny bit after importing or top of pg gets cut off during printung.
If you like the page I would love to hear from you, please leave me a comment.  I would also love for you to visit my web site, www.mycmsite.com/tammygillespie, or my Facebook group, Tamela's Scrapbooking Divas.
Enjoy the page and have a wonderful day!


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