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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Free Template made for Cottage Garden collection (or any other)

Below is a template I made for the Cottage Garden collection, however you could use it with anything.  The link to download is at the end of the posting.

To make this page I added my background paper then for the mat I added my first layer to the page by adding the full paper to it.  Just go to the paper and do "add to page."  I then right clicked and chose the corner cutters and chose 1 of two different designs, (I'm sorry I did this awhile ago and don't recall the two designs I used for this page.)  I moved the slider pretty far to the right to get a deep cut and then for this particular design chose a second cut and repeated the steps.  I then copied and pasted the piece, enlarged it slightly and filled with the yellow paper, (I used the first one for the top layer.)  I then went to the insert tab and added a photo frame, unlocked the aspect ratio by right clicking and made it the size I needed, then I copied and pasted to get the number needed.  I arranged them then went to the "arrange" tab then "allignment" and aligned them vertically and horizontally and spaced them evenly.  (The trick is to choose the one you want to use to align to last.)  You will then add shadow as you like to everything and add your embellishments.  All these are from the Cottage Garden Collection and the Digital Embellishments - Cottage Garden, a great addition to Cottage Garden if you don't have it.  For the photos I went to "format photos" and used the mat tool to a width of 2 I believe and matched the yellow of the paper to mat the photos.  If you have further questions or comments please feel free to e-mail me at tgillespie67@aol.com, please put CM blog in the subject or I will not open it thinking it's not legit.  If you e-mail through the blog profile it uses windows mail which I am having problems with and I will not get it.  This is a 12 x 12 page and must be imported into a 12 x 12 storybook or page.  You can later reduce it to something with the same aspect ratio such as an 8x8 if you would like to.  If you need instructions on downloading, saving, and importing it, all my older posts have the instructions step by step for doing it, just check any of those templates.  I have stopped repeating it on each one. 
I would love for you to visit my website at www.mycmsite.com/tammygillespie or my Facebook group, Tamela's Scrapbooking Divas.  If you would like to please feel free to post your version of my templates there, I love to see what people do with them.  Also, any pages you make using instructions from my videos or just pages you have made for inspirstion for myself and others.  It would be great if you could give some very brief description of the technique used or papers, etc.  If you are on Twitter please look me up under scrapperdiva. 
Enjoy the template and have a great week!

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